Girla Obscura (nymphie) wrote in growinganywayup,
Girla Obscura

The Pains of Early Development

I remember wearing a training bra to school for the first day in 4th grade. Everyone noticed. My friend Trisha said, "Ohh Lesley, something new?" When my mom came to pick me up I was so flustered I took it off right in the car and said no more bra! By 6th grade my friend comment that I needed to start wearing a bra. I thought, "Not this again!" But by then more girls in my class were wearing bras so it wasn't as big of a deal. It sucked eveloping early though!

Sixth grade, at the young age of 10, was also when I "became a woman". Can you believe a ten year old? That really sucked. I hid it from my family for about three days until I finally showed my mom and started crying. I said, "Don't tell dad!" and when she walked back in the bedroom (I was getting up for school), he said, "What's wrong with Lesley?" I couldn't hear what she answered, my mom has a soft voice. Maybe I'll ask her one day (if she still remembers). It was super taboo to talk about it then but some of my closest friends brought it up. I lied and said I hadn't gotten mine yet but then my friends found out a year later when we went on a camping trip. Our instructor gave all the females "the talk" about what to do with tampons and pads. Of course I had just gotten mine so not only was I going to be camping out in the middle of nowhere with my period the whole stinking time, but there would be boys too! And I had to borrow a pair of long johns.

Sixth grade was also when I started shaving my legs. My mom told me I shouldn't start because it was such a pain. But everyone else was. So of course this camping trip had me not shave for a week. Double gross for an 11 year old.

Now all this stuff is so common place for me. I come in to work and say, "Man I got cramps!" all the amle instructors run in terror. In rowing we would tease the boys that we had our period, especially when we had to row in their boat. One of the first nights Jared slept over (ooooo!) I got my period that night and he got bloody. If I were 16 I'd be writing to "Say Anything" (tho what would a boy be doing in a 16 year olds bed?). BUt neither of us were phased. I told my rower girls they were all like "OH MY GOSH! HOW EMBARRESSING!" but it wasn't. It wans't even when it happened while I was borrowing his boxers. I washed them, they came out.

But if a boy ever found out when I was 11... I remember being in 8th grade. There was a popular girl named Mackie. She went to the bathroom before class and her friend told everyone she was on her period so when she came in all the guys said, "Oh Mackie, I hear you're 'riding the camel'." I thought it was so mean. Now it just gives you an excuse to be bitchy :).
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