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Having a "Fat Day" for the rest of your short life

This is really, really sad. It's a pro anarexia live journal community. I don't mean an anorexia recovery group, a community where 93 lb. girls post their diets consisting of 200 calorie days:

Look at yourself.
Take a good look at yourself.
You have such a pretty face.
What a great personality you have.
You'd be so pretty if you were thin.

This is a community for those who wish to show support for those with eating disorders.

If you do not agree with our views and opinions, leave us alone and go on your merry way. All are welcome.

The moderator of this community is solcita. She can be contacted by email (listed above) or by AIM (username: saavedraLJ)

It's really sad that we've come to this. I'm not going to say that I look in the mirror every day and feel a perfect 10. And I'm willing to bet that the "regulations" for guys are far more lenient (sp?) than for girls. I didn't know I had "big thighs" until I started being called "Hubocraft Hips". Now it's all I think about when I see a cute pair of pants. I'm not saying this is an excuse, but it's just so sad. I would comment, but because it's a mind disease these people won't listen. Besides, as twisted as it is, whose to say I'm really the one that's right afterall.

The first journal entry talks about how this girl is worried because she hasn't gotten her period yet. Well no wonder! She mentions that she wants to wear a bikini. I hope she plans to hot wax because anorexia can cause thick hair growth on your body in an attempt to warm itself due to lack of fuel. I love the people that don't eat all day and say "WOW! I lost 5 lbs.!" People seem to wnat to consider weight fat. There are so many other things going on in your body. For instance when women get their period they can retain water. If you odn't eat all day you have no water in take and therefore that 5 lbs. is probably just due to lack of water, not burned fat. The next time you eat that'll probably be all gained back even if it's a salad and then you'll say, "the salad made me fat! Salads are full of fat!"

Well, I don't know if people really say this... thanks to Susan for showing me this. I love the user pic too: "I have control". But as with many things (like rape) it seems this is an underlying factor. And I can't say there weren't times in my life that I felt I was loosing control and thought about this. Mind you I thought. But standing over the toliet with my finger up to my throat just made me feel silly and I realized I've taken care of my body for 23 years, it'd be stupid to let 23 years of hard work go to waste when I could just control how long I go for a run. Or how long I sit in front of the TV. If these women want to control something difficult they should go on endurance studying sessions of quantum physics. Then the end result would be an educated mind not a deterorating body. Susan told me that there are women out there that think a dead anorexia is teh best anorexic because look at what control she's got. So why thend on't they just kill themselves then and there? Hold your head under the bathtub water, take some pills, turn on the car and shut the garage door... I mean I'm being sarcastic here, but I guess with everything there's alwasy a way to find a loop hole. I guess anorexic just choose to ignore these loop holes.

Though I must say from what I have heard balemics (sp?) have even more "untraditional" logical processes.

It's just my personal preference, but I think most overly skinny people are unattractive. They look like poor, unhealthy peasants to me. I dated a guy once who was 5'5 and 98 lbs. He ate, and I'm not going to say looks are everything (though he did have a shotty personality so that helped) but it just got to the point where (and I feel sort of bad for saying this but) his body disgusted me. I felt like I could just snap him in half. He looked so disease- ridden, like he had worms or something (maybe that's what these anorexics should do, infest themsleves with worms, that way they can eat all they want and not gain a pound! I also heard malaria is a good diet. Go find a warm puddle, drink it down, yum!-- I know, there's the missing control issue there). I dunno, I guess the main problem I have with this community is that it encourages people to not themselves for who they are. In 50 years they'll all look bent over raisains (sp?) anyway. If you spend all your time looking "pretty" now you'll have nothing left.

Although there are those that think I'm a bitch because I think things through carefully and state my mind as best as I can. So maybe they think I'll have nothing left either ;). If that's the case you'd better not let your frisbee land in my yard cause you're not getting it back you annoying kid! ;)
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