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whine about band camp trauma

my mom made me be in marching band in the 9th grade. i absolutely hated it. the kids in there were a mixture of geeks and preps. and there i was... ehhh not classified? i was the quiet girl who's parents did not have much money and had little self confidence.
so i go on stupid band trips, i march and play my damn flute. i try to fit in with the group of girls in my class- Laura, Ashly, and Lisa. :P nice happy preppy names. (no offense to any with those names.) i more or less tag along with them on the hotel trips and stuff.
that following summer after one year of band hell i throw a king sized tantrum and my parents "allow" me to not take band the next year.
thanks ma. that year of being stung by bees, dodging flying batons the manic band director threw, and feeling like a complete outcast really enriched my life somehow. i'll never forget you
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