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my name in school

I was very very shy. I wore glasses since the age of two and a half. I had stringy hair parted down the center and later braces. I looked down all the time. I was called at various times dog, caroaded and ugly. Guys were so mean to this day no matter how many tell me I am beautiful I am afraid to look at men I dont know..afraid to stare and afraid for them to look at me. Even at my age I still sting. I always *smile* thought it be cool to go on a talk show and say I went from geek to sheik but I still am a geek and proud of it and I dont know if Im sheek but I do think I look better than I ever have and thats because I like myself more and have started figuring out myself more slowly....

I later learned people pick on people to avoid feeling I didnt talk to these guys so they picked on me. i am not saying I looked great..I didnt. Later I did have a neat punk pat benetar thing going on and black nails..I doubt anyone liked it but looking back I think it was cool I had a unique style.... But people dont want to be picked on in school so they pick on others that are picked on..they want to feel good about themselves so they lower others self esteems if they can......
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